About us

For more than 20 years, JFC, a privately held California corporation, has provided solutions to individuals and businesses in need of quality sales support in their consumer direct and business-to-business activities. Over the years, we have expanded our services through strategic alliances with call centers, web developers and other ancillary service providers. Since our inception, the growth of our company has hinged on the successful development and introduction of our customers’ products through sales generating marketing approaches. Today, we can truly offer every service in the long chain of events between an idea and a happy customer.

Our goal is to do as much or as little as our customers need to support their business activities with warehousing, fulfillment and customer service. Our clients have the flexibility to select one or all of our services and we custom fit our activities to their individual needs. Most importantly, ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS RECEICE TOP PRIORITY.  Our customers’ businesses are never too small or too large for us to pay attention to every detail.

We pride ourselves in taking personal interest in our clients’ businesses. We provide start-up companies with FREE consulting services. We help companies identify improvements in service and reductions in cost.

Please contact us. We stand ready to assist you with your business needs.

Mark J. Flick
President and CEO

Phone: 805.681.8200
Toll Free: 800.884.1657
Fax: 805.685.2482
Email: admin@jfcsales.com

Mailing Address:
JFC Sales Support Solutions
165 Castilian Dr
Goleta, CA  93117